Not a Typical Athens Gym


Does the staff at your gym consider you as an individual?

Does anyone at your gym check on you when you’ve missed a few weeks?

Has your gym given you the guidance to dramatically improve your body, self-image, and level of health and fitness?

If you answer “no” even once, then you may be wasting your time, effort, and money on a gym that commodifies your health. Join Tribe for a fitness decision that you will never regret.

Tribe Fitness is Athens’ answer to your greatest energy and your best body. Our approach to functional fitness keeps you on top of your game with effective and efficient workouts and a powerful support system. Tribe members get healthy and become their strongest with the encouragement and motivation that yields the most dramatic results.

Tribe’s certified trainers focus on exercise that transcends traditional workouts. The movements that we use mimic real-life activities so that you strengthen muscle groups essential to everyday actions, and your natural movements reinforce your conditioning. You will burn more calories and fat with our short, motivating workouts than is possible with 90 minutes of conventional strength training.

The day you choose to work out with Tribe is the day you become an important member of our family: we miss you when you’re gone and we always value your feedback. Our inclusive approach to health gratifies you in an industry which over-promises and under-delivers.  Because we hold ourselves accountable for each other, we make it a daily mission to improve your life and exceed your goals.

You’ve tried the gym—now join the TRIBE. Your life will change for the better.